Getting Into Printing Jobs in Australia

If you have an aptitude for design, a creative side, or a sharp business mind, you may be interested in pursuing a job or a career in the printing industry. Knowing where to begin, what kind of abilities and credentials are required, and what types of positions and careers you might pursue in the future can be challenging. 

It is better to be well-informed about the procedures of printing jobs in Australia to be more prepared for the career you want to acquire. 

Continue reading for helpful advice on beginning a career in printing, steps you can take to ensure you have the most significant possible start in the field, and a list of potential printing jobs that may interest you. This material is direct from our recruitment team. 

What Printing Jobs in Australia Are Available? 

Depending on which component of a printed product you work on, many printing job categories and titles are available. Layout artists and graphic designers begin defining a book’s presentation early on since, after all, books are primarily assessed by their covers. Later in the process, printers, binders, manufacturing staff, and machine technicians supervise production, and the materials are packaged and transported after they have been taken off the press. Additionally, the printing sector employs many people in marketing, administration, and law. 

How to Find Printing Jobs in Australia? 

Most printing jobs in Australia don’t demand a high school diploma, but more education, vocational training, and prior work experience are all advantages. You might have to meet strict deadlines for clients, so it’s a good idea to emphasise previous positions where you showed initiative and efficiency during interviews. 

Apprenticeships are also available for printing trades where you can learn under the guidance of an experienced mentor.  

Printing job examples include: 

Print Management and Planning 

Those seeking administrative positions in the printing sector are the target audience for this apprenticeship. Typically, this encompasses parts in sales, production management, and planning. 

Pre-press and Design 

In a design and pre-press apprenticeship geared for those who wish to hone their creative abilities, you will frequently create artwork for printing projects. You will also operate equipment, perform quality control, and maintain digital systems. 

Post-Press Specialist 

You will develop skills in all the phases that follow the printing process as part of your employment. You will acquire the skills essential to utilise various tools and machinery successfully and accurately as you learn how to use them in any printing job. 

Digital Printing

This entails creating digital artwork using graphics software, digital printing equipment, and finishing tools. 

Customer Assistance 

Practical customer service skills are a need for some jobs in the printing sector. A position in customer service will teach you how to work with even the most challenging customers and will help you improve your communication skills. 

Why Choose a Career in Printing? 

Printing is a fulfilling field for people who want to work in the communication process. Despite the rise of digital products, items like magazines, packaging, labels and signs are still very visible and important forms of print. Additionally, some parts of the print industry are expanding in previously unheard-of ways due to the rise of print-on-demand book publishing. Although the print business is undergoing a dramatic shift, this same transformation is opening up new opportunities for creativity and innovation. 

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